Researcher traces 'Gameover' malware to maker of Zeus

Fuel Removal From Fukushima's Reactor 4 Threatens 'Apocalyptic' Scenario

In November 2013, TEPCO set to begin to remove fuel rods whose radiation matches the fallout of 14,000 Hiroshima bombs.

- Andrea Germanos, staff writer 

Guest Post: What Happens When The Oil Runs Out? | Zero Hedge

Kill the Messenger TRAILER 1 (2014) - Paz Vega, Jeremy Renner Crime Movie HD


Former LA Police Officer Mike Ruppert Confronts CIA Director John Deutch on Drug Trafficking

On November 15, 1996, there was a town meeting in Los Angeles on allegations of CIA involvement in drug trafficking. Former Los Angeles Police Narcotics Detective Mike Ruppert seized the opportunity to confront then CIA Director John Deutch.

Got a third through Dark Alliance, never knew Ruppert was involved or rather chose not to be involved in CIA cocaine smuggling.


Radioactive Water Fukushima Daiichi’s Hidden Crises

Radioactive Water Fukushima Daiichi’s Hidden Crises

NHK World News Documentary Fukushima Daiichi Crisis

In-depth look at the struggles of the brave men trying to stop the huge amounts of highly radioactive water flowing into the pacific ocean. They think the melted core is still in unit-1.

As one of the engineers says we don’t know how we can stop the flow of contaminated water.

This documentary explores the men working in unit-1 reactor, exposing themselves to high doses of deadly radiation. When ask about units 2 & 3 they say we have no idea what’s going on in them because the radiation levels our so high they can’t go in them.

Speculation is the cores in units-2 & 3 have burned through the containment vessels and burned its way deep into the earth, If this theory is right there’s no chance to recover the molten corium.

After watching this documentary it’s clear that this is a Global Crisis of Unparalleled Magnitude.

NHK World News;


Bogota + Bike Share = ?

Our latest post looks at Bogota’s plans to introduce a cycle hire scheme, and how it could impact the city

To coincide with our 1st Birthday…

We got one of these…

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